The Intelliscent K9 Experience

There are numerous Organizations with varying degrees of specialties.  Many offer services that cast a wide net over the spectrum of K9 services and others offer a narrow service offering, but few come to the table with an end-to-end, 360 degree customized solution that is comprehensive, customer focused and relationship driven. 

Intelliscent K9 in conjunction with its partners offer K9 related services including but not limited to:

1.      Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

2.      K9 Handler Training and Certification

3.      Master Trainer Course and Certification

4.      Unarmed and Armed Security

5.      K9 Security Teams

6.      Narcotics and Explosive Detection Contract Services

7.      Comprehensive Threat Assessments

8.      Local, State and Federal K9 Services, Sales and Training

9.      International K9 Services, Sales and Training

10.  Personal Protection K9 Training and Sales

Our business model simply centers around the methodology that treating people with respect and dignity is more than just words.  We cannot simply expect our partners and employees to consistently exceed customer expectations if we do not embrace the same values and; as an Organization, consistently exceed the expectations or our employees.

While we do not proclaim ourselves, our partners or our employees to be perfect, we do however stand united in our desire to conduct business in a transparent, ethical and morally sound manner.