Our personal protection canines are trained by the same professionals who are consultants for governments & law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Our Personal Protection Canines are hand selected from Europe and are selected for their intelligence, confidence and temperament.

Our canines have the athletic ability to be a walking or jogging partner that you can depend on.

The hearing abilities of a canine will pick up on suspicious sounds earlier than an alarm system.

Criminals are inherently afraid of being attacked by a canine, therefore the mere presence of a Personal Protection Canine serves as a deterrent to would be attackers.

The majority of criminals admit to completely bypassing a property with a canine.

Disabling an alarm system is easier for a criminal than disarming a properly trained and stable Personal Protection Canine.

Protect Your Family

With countless years of experience, Intelliscent K9, LLC. imports by handpicking the premium trained Personal/Executive Protection canines in the world. Intelliscent K9, LLC provides German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Personal Protection canines for domestic environments, home security environments, business environments, security professionals, executive protection or entourages as well as victims of violent crimes.

Personal Protection Canines are not ferocious. In fact, they are chosen and trained to be very social and make exceptional friendly companions. These canines fit well in a home with young children and their presence alone can deter the criminal element, making your home life more relaxed and enjoyable.

We guarantee the canines to be healthy, have protection abilities, temperament and social skills for being around children, family members, and other pets.

Intelliscent K9, LLC Executive Protection Canines, come from the top bloodlines in The Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, East & West Germany.

Intelliscent K9, LLC Canines are trained for on and off leash in a variety of situations, such as defending loved ones, house/property in the event of a home invasion, robberies, defending you while in a vehicle from car-jacking, traveling to and from the store, performing security inside your place of business from thugs, and other custom tailored situations depending on your individual needs.

As a requirement of purchasing a Personal Protection Canine from us, we do require handles training as well as personalized ongoing maintenance and training at your home or office. You will learn the commands for protection, searching and control of your canine. You will learn how to use your canine’s new skills and abilities safely and effectively.

Your success and overall satisfaction is a direct reflection of our ability to provide the highest level of service, quality and professionalism. As such, we commit to providing our customers with an experience that is not only transparent but supported by tangible results.

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